Thursday, August 28, 2014

Briar Bauman on the mend

Briar unfortunately ended up in the hospital after putting his Werner / Monster Kawasaki into the turn 2 wall at the Mega Mile in Virginia. Hopefully he is fighting fit now and ready to go at it again. Bauman is lucky enough to ride for the Dodge Bros/ Saddlemen / Werner Kawasaki Monster Team, twisting the Throttle on the Kawi on the East Coast and the Harley Davidson on the West Coast. The young man is privileged to ride for the team that started the Kawasaki Revolution and for the team that powered Brad Baker to his Grand National Championship. Briar had not raced a Harley before, so he got his feet wet at Sacto and it will be a thrill to see him Harley mounted on the remaining West Coast races. Here, Briar with Tony Dodge gets a first look at his new ride. How could he not love what he sees


We take them for granted but, we couldn't do without them. They have been around since 400BC ! I never throw one away and have tin cans full of all kinds of them. Here is my favorite. A castellated ,titanium, McDonald Douglas MD-80 wheel nut. Shown with my Kimber 45 with Right Hand Shooter Thumbrest grips. Everyone is trying to get better traction with aggressively cut G10 grips but, if your looking for accuracy the Thumbrest is the only way to go.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Joe Kopp # 3 Triumph mounted , is Back

Joe Kopp is back from retirement in 2010 and put the Triumph on the front row at the Mega Mile in Virginia. Joe had the Triumph out front for two glorious laps. I am sure this is the first time a Triumph has led a Grand National since Gary Scott was the last Triumph hold out , way back in the late 70s. The deep cushion track was the ultimate equalizer and it is a testament to Kopp and the up until now, underpowered Triumph, that they are both competitive under such dire conditions. Joe finished in 12 place and his team mate Shayna Texta on the second Latus Motors Triumph 14th.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Jeff Lessley's Titan Flat Tracker

Jeff had just completed his 500 Titan and raced it for the first time at Rd 8. It took an incredible amount of work to get the twin to fit into the Redline frame that wasn't made for it. New swing arm (Champion) mounting position to get the counter sprocket alignment correct, new rear motor mount system, etc, etc. Mr Ed rolled up a couple of nice fatties that give the twin a fantastic howl. It was smoking a little excessively due to maybe, an unplugged hole from the old auto oil system. No one minded, infact ,can you ever get too much bean oil aroma? Jeff rode it in his normal spirited ,stylish way and it looked like it was handling great. Let him get the bugs worked out and watch out modern 450s.

SCFTA Round 8 Perris , California

The Southern California Flat Track Assoc. Round 8 was last Saturday, under typical sunny skies( 90 F) that turned into a perfect evening for racing. Full fields put on high caliber ,competitive races all through the night. Three more Rounds remain in the 2014 Series with the last being a two day double header. Short Track racing at its best.

Friday, August 22, 2014

AMA Rule Book - 3.16 Tires - Sec d.

Kenny Coolbeth knows what he wants in a front tire and knows the rule book inside out. Here he rasps the front tire to work best on the tricky Grays Harbor Half Mile.You can't hand cut the tread and you can't use a power grinder so these Pro racers become artists with a bondo cheese grater.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

1949 Kazuma Offenhauser

From the Golden Era of Midget Racing in America. Offy powered, no roll bars and big fields, resulted in huge spectator crowds who loved the sights, sounds and smells of Saturday night sideways dirt action.