Tuesday, September 30, 2014

AMA Pro Singles - How they finished at Calistoga

Davis Fisher gets his first well deserved Pro Singles victory after five consecutive second place finishes. The N.W. rider looks to be on roll.
Jarod Vanderkooi has been coming on strong and will be looking for another National win at Pomona.
Ryan Foster gets on the box with a nice run to Third place on his Thresher Communications, Bayside Glass, Hacienda Pools Honda 450.Ryan has always been good at Calistoga ,being Fast Qualifier at the first Calistoga National a couple of years ago.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mees makes haste. Look whose leading going into the Final.

Jared Mees has come on really strong at the end of the season to lead the points chase going into the Final at Pomona. Talk about an exciting series. When the No.1 Plate is decided at the last event, it is like icing on the cake to a fantastic competitive season. Mees leads Smith and Jake Johnson 260,247 and 244 points.
Mees on his Harley Wrecking Crew, Rogers Racing XR 750.
Jared needs another one of these Saturday Night October 11th at Pomona. If the stars line up he could be National Champ one more time.
Smith has ridden incredibly well all season but, suffered some bad racing luck to find himself in Second going into the Final.Bryan has come up short a few times at Pomona and he is no doubt fired up to do the only thing to save the championship, win the last race of the year. Mees knows what it it like to win the Championship at Pomona and could do it again. Jake Johnson cant be counted out. He has ridden spectacularly to third coming into Pomona. Can he pull it off ? Zanotti Racing's Kenny Coolbeth Jr. has won Pomona also and with a whole lot of luck and some heavenly intervention could win the Championship Saturday night. Brad Baker will be the stirrer on the points pot as this is his favorite track and he is on the gas. The tension has ratcheted way up and the Pomona Final will be something to experience , for sure.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The "Bullet" flys in Calistoga shootout

AMA National No.1 Brad Baker wins Calistoga ! Now onto Pomona, his favorite track.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Just as they were getting ready to get hot laps and qualifying started for the Grays Harbor Half Mile, a thick wet cloud settled on the track and soaked the place good and properly. They wheelpacked for hours, hoping to squeeze some of the moisture out of the track and all of a sudden the cloud lifted and they ask the fast guys if they wanted to see if the track was ridable. A cluster of them wobbled out onto the track and literally tested the waters. Halbert and Bonsey immediately cracked the throttle got up to speed. The rest took it very cautiously. When this test session was flagged everybody converged on Halbert to hear his opinion. "It's fast,slippery ,treacherous. My kind of track. Lets race !" The race was cancelled. Fortunately for all the racers and fans who traveled to the remote corner of Washington State, the AMA, the Promoter and the Track got together and announced they would try to run it the next day. They did and it was fantastic. The banked little half-mile provided intense close pack racing and we will be back next year.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Get Well Jim !

Jim McMurren has been through a real rough patch lately but, things are looking up and he is on the road to recovery albeit, minus a lower right leg. For a Harley Sprint racer, that's your shifting foot. Jim will have to perfect his third gear starts! "Too Fast" Tom Ferguson has been riding one of Jim's Sprints with great success and last Saturday night Round 9 SCFTA at Perris he won another Classic 500/750 Brakeless Main for the absent Team Sprint leader.Please send Jim some positive brain waves/ prayers.
Jim and Tom at Perris earlier this year.
This ones for you Jim ! Stand in Team Wrangler Roger gives the No.1 while Tom enjoys the moment. Winning never gets old.
The latest rendition of the H.D. 350 Sprint with new Ferguson Frame.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SCFTA Perris Short Track - Round 9

Another fantastic race meeting for the So Cal Flat Track Assoc. with Round 9 held on a beautiful day and as usual, a perfectly prepared track. Kayl Kolkman won a start to finish battle with Jimmy Wood in the Pro Main. Icing on the cake to a great day of dirt track action. September weather is more like it, with 85F and a nice breeze. Way better than the 95 and 100+F of the last two meets. "Night before the National" coming up on Friday Oct 10th, right before the Pomona Half Mile National on Saturday the 11th.It is going to be a big night. Beat the traffic and get there early, gates open at 11:00am, practice starts at 3:00pm